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The best way to gather and report large quantities of satisfaction data
Automated phone and Internet satisfaction surveys are the most cost-effective way for customers, employees, students, and new store openings to provide feedback on an ongoing basis.

The most cost-effective service management solution
Large flows of continuous real-time satisfaction data is converted to business intelligence and readily available with online reports, email summaries, incident management, and more.

Generates High Quality Franchisee leads for free
SalonAutomation can interact with many thousands of happy customers each month. Many of these customers would be ideal franchisees candidates and may like to receive related information. SalonAutomation makes it easy to build a prospect list in a friendly manner that entices interest. Salon Automation is proven successful at generating great salon prospect list free of charge – incredible ROI!!!

Monitors employee satisfaction
Employee satisfaction can be measured on an ongoing basis. Survey data may be particularly valuable when related to on-boarding process, initial training, ongoing training, overall employment satisfaction, exit interviews, etc.

Identifies which instructors are most effective
It will be easy to know which courses and instructors are most effective and where additional training may be needed.

Tracks vendor performance
Provides an easy process for salon management to provide feedback about various vendors. Vendors can be rated in regards to grand opening support or general ongoing support. When a vendor survey system in place, it will immediately cause vendors to perform better.

A better and less expensive way to recruit stylist
Stylist communicate much differently today than they did just a few ago. Text and Mobil are the most popular ways for stylist to communicate. Therefore it is critical to offer the latest technology when recruiting and hiring stylist. Potential new hires will appreciate your easier hiring process.

Allows customers to self-schedule appointments
Auto-Scheduler makes it easy for customers or applicants to schedule appointments online, including: self-scheduling, confirming, reminding and re-engaging, Phone, Internet, Email and Text are great techniques to automate self-scheduling in a cost-effective manner.

Amplifies advertising dollars in many ways
When potential new-hires are able to apply by phone, text or Internet it amplifies your recruiting advertising dollars. The easier it is for job-seekers to apply – the more they will apply.

Makes salons easier to run & more profitable
SalonAutomation has developed Salon Specific tools that have proven successful for salon chains nationwide to automate important process that are that require accuracy, consistency and reliability.
Salon Automation uses tools from the following services
  • Instant Evaluate
  • TurboHR
  • auto-scheduler
  • InstantLocate
SalonAutomation allows you to pick and choose which services to implement for your salon chain.