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Automated Satisfaction Surveys
Instant Evaluate provides the best of Phone, Internet and Text Surveys to measure Satisfaction. We offer the most cost effective method to gather and report satisfaction data from Customers, Employees, Training, Vendors and New Store Openings. This realtime satisfaction data feeds an easy to use service management solution designed specifically for salon chains. The service is designed to be very easy to use, especially for the store level.

Automatic Franchisee Lead Generator
SalonAutomation can interact with many thousands of happy salon customers each month. Many of these customers are ideal franchisees candidates and may like to receive related information. SalonAutomation makes it easy to build a high-quality prospect list in a friendly manner that entices interest. Salon Automation is proven successful at generating great prospect list free of charge – incredible ROI !!!

Automated Recruiting
TurboHR has proven itself to be a powerful automated recruiting solution for salon chains. It allows better hiring for less money. Our technology allows for easy automation of: Pre-interviews, Online Applications, Assessments, Applicant Self-Schedulers, Identification of Tax Credits (WOTC) and more. TurboHR is proven to be a better and more cost-effective way for salons to recruit:
- Increases applicant flow
- Attracts more passive applicants
- Makes it easier for applicants to get into your hiring process
- Builds a more useable database to communicate with applicants
- Prescreens to conserve hiring managers time
- Automatically notifies management as applicants respond
- Maximizes return on recruiting dollars

Customer self-Scheduling
Auto-Scheduler will make it easy for customers to go online and choose from available appointment times. Once the customer self-schedules, the service will automatically confirm and remind the customer of their appointment. Confirmations and reminders are sent with ideal timing: strategically utilizing text, email and automated phone call. The service provides salon management with easy to use email and online reports in summary and detail for salons/stylist/schedules and more.

Store Phone Locator
Instant Locate provides cost-effective Phone Store Locator service so that salon chains may consider including a toll-free number within advertising that allows customers to dial a toll free number to find the closest locations. The phone locator can also promote special offers or franchise opportunities.
Salon Automation uses tools from the following services
  • Instant Evaluate
  • TurboHR
  • auto-scheduler
  • InstantLocate
SalonAutomation allows you to pick and choose which services to implement for your salon chain.