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SalonAutomation provides highly customized tools that are directly targeted to improve salon chain operations and profitability. Our service is based upon years of providing service for salon chains nationwide.

Because technology continues to improve and lower in price each year, it is now easier and more cost-effective than ever for salon chains to utilize technology to improve operations and increase profits.

Web, Email, Text, IVR and Real-time Data Communications are all important technologies that SalonAutomation utilizes to help salon chains better manage important issues related to:
  • Customer Service Management
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Training Satisfaction
  • New Store Opening Satisfaction
  • Vendor Satisfaction
  • Franchisee Lead Generation
  • Automated Recruiting
  • Automated Customer Scheduling
  • Phone Store Locator
Implementation is easy – pricing is better than ever.
Salon Automation uses tools from the following services
  • Instant Evaluate
  • TurboHR
  • auto-scheduler
  • InstantLocate
SalonAutomation allows you to pick and choose which services to implement for your salon chain.